Wikipedia Article Production

Wikipedia Production

  • Generate & submit new article draft with featured image
  • Review tone of voice / sources
  • One month page monitoring included**

*Pricing depends on factors, including:

  • Number of sources
  • Length & complexity of content
  • Featured image copyright verification

**Page monitoring features:

  • Feedback on changes from Wikipedia editors
  • Suggestions on tweaks after initial edit
  • Actionable insights

Customer Testimonials

“What Wikipedia has done, as the link for the article on me comes up first on any Google search, is to act as a portal for other ways of researching works I’ve shown and articles and books I have written in various disciplines

Thank you for the work you have done on my behalf, as well as others.”

When engaging Cement Media Inc’s Wikipedia Production service, you acknowledge Wikipedia’s Terms of Use on paid editing / contributions.

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