Digital Copywriting, SEO & Growth Marketing

Digital Copywriting, SEO & Growth Marketing

When attracting international customers, it’s important to speak their language. Cement Media combines native English (UK/US) digital copywriting with SEO growth marketing to produce & create engaging content that converts. Having worked with clients in Europe, UK, and United States, Cement Media’s editorial tone is straightforward, to the point, and universally understood.

Digital Copywriting

Cement Media’s digital copywriting capabilities includes landing pages, e-mail marketing, Google AdWords (SEA), long-form editorial (articles & white papers), short blog posts, and social media. Developing unified digital copy is a great strategy to strengthen a brand’s identity, attract new customers, and generate sales. We’ll make sure your call to action is loud and clear, and provide enough context for your customers to make informed decisions.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The benefits of search engine optimisation (SEO) goes well beyond increasing a website’s page rankings. It’s also a great way to communicate directly with a target audience. Cement Media’s SEO approach includes conducting a website / brand audit, and delivering insights for a comprehensive action plan. SEO is an essential part of an overall marketing strategy, including online reputation management. With this service, Cement Media helps customers achieve their digital potential. Since best practices change across industries and brand goals, you’ll receive a custom-made content plan for your specific needs.

Growth Marketing

A term often used in digitally-focused companies, growth marketing is generally centred around rapidly increasing a brand’s customer base. As a catch-all, most growth marketing strategies include SEA, SEO, and e-mail marketing. As mentioned above, Cement Media is here to fill in the gaps when it comes to audience conversions and content. It may come as a surprise, but e-mail remains one of the best ways to generate direct leads. Therefore, we make it a high priority to regularly analyse and improve a brand’s entire growth marketing customer journey – including e-mail.

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