Art Sales & Brand Partnerships

Art Sales & Brand Partnerships

Operating as an online gallery, Cement Gallery represents contemporary artists seeking global buyers. In this capacity, Cement Media facilitates sales through virtual marketplaces, and finds new opportunities for digital merchandising and brand partnerships. Cement Media’s expertise spans beyond visual art, and includes music, fashion, technology, and lifestyle products. With its gallery and agency, Cement Media is positioned to handle digital campaigns for creatives.

Art Sales

Working with buyer networks, Cement Gallery generates commercial sales for its artists. Its art sales offering includes cataloging, storytelling, content creation, and digital visibility. Coupled with Cement Media’s SEO expertise, represented artists remain well-positioned online. Also part of Cement Gallery’s art sales strategy is digital merchandising on carefully curated platforms. This means only working with the most relevant channels to offer artworks.

Digital Merchandising

Creating intrigue for creative work, Cement Media’s digital merchandising services drive sales for its artists. To ensure artworks and products are properly showcased, Cement Media handles e-commerce production. This includes photo selection, metadata tagging, digital asset creation, inventory management, and responding to buyer requests. Additionally, Cement Media is working on a complementary NFT production offering for blockchain.

Brand Partnerships

As part of the creative ecosystem, Cement Media secures brand partnerships for its artists represented by Cement Gallery. It also secures collaborations with external creatives to deliver well-rounded brand campaigns. Within this capacity, Cement Media works on physical and virtual activations, influencer engagement, and communications strategies – including PR.

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